This week at school and work has been a little bit crazy, and I haven't even had things to photograph (which means a whole lot of madness.) I have this post mustering up in my drafts folder full of throwback pictures that I'm so excited to share, but until then, here are things I'm loving this week.

Tiny Worlds from Rushes on Vimeo.
+Just everything about this, and Vimeo in general.

+Logan Lights, but really my complete internet girl crush Hunter Kofford. She's 100% adorable, and uber talented.

+Bold Brows, Lily Collins, Portraits

+I love fashion and style in general but I've been obsessed with Men's Fashion for a few years now. There's something hmmm sexy about it and I could shop suits all day. 

+Text messages with meaning

+White, mixing patterns/prints

I hope your Friday is full of goodness.




I've been sick since about Wednesday, and thus I said "No thanks" to a train commute and 4 classes today. I then got upset with myself because I most likely would have been fine sitting through classes because I had Saturday and Sunday to sit around and be sick.

But, there's something different about a weekday sick day vs. a weekend sick day. Plus, I did all my assignments and scanned them in to my professors, so I justified. I played a little bit of internet and nap catch up, which is never a bad thing. (I'm totally over-milking this, aren't I?)

I'm off in search for cough/sore throat/head and body ache remedies. (For when I can't take NyQuil because that stuff is straight heaven.)




I've had a really good day today, and it probably had to do with the pep talks from all the cough drops I've had in hopes that I stop making everyone shy away from me because I sound like a 90 year old smoker and a baby with croup all at once. I also got a new camera lens, and made sugar free brownie batter pancakes that were perfect tasting. I finished the week with froyo in the cutest cup and a Friends marathon (of course). 

Growing up, Saturdays use to be my least favorite days of the week. I don't really remember why, but I think it had something to do with not having very much to do, or not seeing friends. All I know is now I feel totally differently about all the days of the week. 

Each of the days have their own piece of special. Mondays are messy. You have to pick up the pieces of tomorrow, and hold on to the peace that Sunday brings. Mondays are pushing through 'till Tuesday, and Tuesday is a little bit fuller and Wednesday coined the term "hump day." Thursdays hold weekends anticipation in their hands and Friday has this magic on campus. Then comes Saturday where new pancake recipes are always required, photo adventures become routine and errands are more fun. Sunday is laying in bed, being beautiful and feeling comfortable, listening to Him, and all the good feels. 

So, bask in the clouds of Monday because tomorrow will be warmer. Remember that God crafted Tuesdays just like he crafted Fridays and the four chambers of your heart. The days might not all be golden, but they all have a silver lining. 

Here's to making next week a good week, too. 




I had ideas of making this post well thought out and full of insight on change, but forcing that was making it harder for me to write. So today you get a stream on conscious. Life has been really good to me lately and really simple. I hope that's because I need some down time before I save the world or something. Either way, the Lord is looking out for me.

I'm loving all missionary cuties today, and missing that cute one up there already. I'm also back teaching and coaching, which can be exciting and exhausting all at the same time. I learned this week about compromise and patience. As I've gotten older patience became harder and harder for me, and learning to regain that, or learn it all together right now is hard, man. I'm finally understanding why patience is a virtue.

Trust in the Lord's timing. Help me continue to trust in the Lord's timing because I know he is a perfectly timed God, but there are days longer than others. I'm feeling very grateful for relationships in my life and relationships that take work. I think the ones that require work (be it good work) are more worth it than the easy ones. My hardest friendships and relationships that require compromise and thought are normally the most beautiful and well working ones, despite the contradiction of it on paper.

Here's to getting back into normal life after a simple, nice weathered break.




Let's just jump right into my weaknesses. I'm a dessert person, and I'm trying not to be, but we are what we are. With a mixture of baking love, a chocolate craving, and a need to photograph something this lovely thing came about at midnight. (Now, because I could eat dessert forever, but health is a piece of my studies amongst all the sugar you'll find here you'll eventually get healthy desserts, but tonight isn't one. We all get to indulge sometimes, right?)

No one is awake at midnight to share, so cravings must be satisfied in single serving form. I found the original recipe HERE. I'm in love with her recipes--and the fact that she's an awesome teen gem. But I modified it because I like to play, and honestly--I didn't have everything.  Also, I who always finishes dessert didn't finish this, so find a cute boy to share, or stick it in the fridge for breakfast, I won't judge you. Here's my version:

XXL Fudge Brownie Cookie Hybrid

+ 1 egg
+ 1.5 tbs butter
+ 1 tbs PB
+ dash of vanilla
+ 1 tbs brown sugar
+ 1 tbs white sugar
+ 1/4 c flour
+ 2 tbs unsweetened cocoa
+ 1/2 tbs baking powder
+ pinch of salt
+ square of dark chocolate

+Preheat oven to 350 and line baking sheet with parchment paper. Mix liquids (includes sugars) and after combined add your dry ingredients. Form a cookie shape in the middle of your baking sheet. (I had to add a little bit of flour to my hand because it is sticky.) Push bits of dark chocolate on the top and bake 10-15 minutes.

Mmm. Add some powdered sugar and a glass of milk or a scoop of ice cream for forever calories and a happy close to spring break.




I'm starting a new adventure here, like starting a new journal, (which I just recently did) and I'm really excited about it. My life is more different now than I ever imagined it would be, but it's beautiful nonetheless. That's why I'm here--to remember and to share because I enjoy it and why not do something you enjoy?

I was hesitant for a while because there's something a little bit nerve wracking about it, and some commitment in starting a new blog while honoring my goal of actually writing and putting photos here. I'm hoping I get back into the writing groove that I was in when I was a freshman/sophomore in high school (read it) and wrote all the words in my busy mind. We're moving forward here.

So here's pieces of me in fragments and fake metaphors: I'm younger than ever, but I pretend I'm mature and grown up. I eat some form of pancake at least twice a week, so if you're ever craving some, come over and we'll make a mess of my kitchen (something I'm extremely good at). I adore baking/cooking at all hours of the day and night, a new found hobby. I haven't always been good at playing, but I'm getting better at it by the minute. My skin smells of chlorine year round, but you'll get used to it. Pretty things keep my heart strong, new lipstick is a common form of therapy, and I'm completely emotionally driven. Photos and music are my favorite kind of art, but clothing is in a close running. I'm terrified of birds, and my dreams are bigger than my hands can hold. I have a thing for full brows and boys that eat. My closest people live all over the world and I think that's pretty cool. I'll listen to you for days, so lets go drive and get lost. I believe God to be my father and Christ to be my Savior and Redeemer.

I can promise you mediocre poetry, excitement over little things, and a whole lot of feelings. Come snuggle with me while we watch Friends or Parenthood and I will have a place in my heart for you forever.