I had ideas of making this post well thought out and full of insight on change, but forcing that was making it harder for me to write. So today you get a stream on conscious. Life has been really good to me lately and really simple. I hope that's because I need some down time before I save the world or something. Either way, the Lord is looking out for me.

I'm loving all missionary cuties today, and missing that cute one up there already. I'm also back teaching and coaching, which can be exciting and exhausting all at the same time. I learned this week about compromise and patience. As I've gotten older patience became harder and harder for me, and learning to regain that, or learn it all together right now is hard, man. I'm finally understanding why patience is a virtue.

Trust in the Lord's timing. Help me continue to trust in the Lord's timing because I know he is a perfectly timed God, but there are days longer than others. I'm feeling very grateful for relationships in my life and relationships that take work. I think the ones that require work (be it good work) are more worth it than the easy ones. My hardest friendships and relationships that require compromise and thought are normally the most beautiful and well working ones, despite the contradiction of it on paper.

Here's to getting back into normal life after a simple, nice weathered break.



Emily Cooper said...

Cute pancakes. And get the torpedo waffle with strawberries and creme fraiche. Also fries. Wafflelove and The Awful Waffle have similar waffles if you don't want to make the drive to slc.

Emily Cooper said...

You should guest post on my blog on Sunday. Email me!