I've had a really good day today, and it probably had to do with the pep talks from all the cough drops I've had in hopes that I stop making everyone shy away from me because I sound like a 90 year old smoker and a baby with croup all at once. I also got a new camera lens, and made sugar free brownie batter pancakes that were perfect tasting. I finished the week with froyo in the cutest cup and a Friends marathon (of course). 

Growing up, Saturdays use to be my least favorite days of the week. I don't really remember why, but I think it had something to do with not having very much to do, or not seeing friends. All I know is now I feel totally differently about all the days of the week. 

Each of the days have their own piece of special. Mondays are messy. You have to pick up the pieces of tomorrow, and hold on to the peace that Sunday brings. Mondays are pushing through 'till Tuesday, and Tuesday is a little bit fuller and Wednesday coined the term "hump day." Thursdays hold weekends anticipation in their hands and Friday has this magic on campus. Then comes Saturday where new pancake recipes are always required, photo adventures become routine and errands are more fun. Sunday is laying in bed, being beautiful and feeling comfortable, listening to Him, and all the good feels. 

So, bask in the clouds of Monday because tomorrow will be warmer. Remember that God crafted Tuesdays just like he crafted Fridays and the four chambers of your heart. The days might not all be golden, but they all have a silver lining. 

Here's to making next week a good week, too. 


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Rian said...

I simply adore that last line. Beautiful! And I need to remember that because I definitely hate Tuesdays...