I've been sick since about Wednesday, and thus I said "No thanks" to a train commute and 4 classes today. I then got upset with myself because I most likely would have been fine sitting through classes because I had Saturday and Sunday to sit around and be sick.

But, there's something different about a weekday sick day vs. a weekend sick day. Plus, I did all my assignments and scanned them in to my professors, so I justified. I played a little bit of internet and nap catch up, which is never a bad thing. (I'm totally over-milking this, aren't I?)

I'm off in search for cough/sore throat/head and body ache remedies. (For when I can't take NyQuil because that stuff is straight heaven.)



Emily Cooper said...

I secretly love being sick. Epsom salt baths... Honey vanilla camomile... Having Jake constantly doing everything for me... It's pretty good haha. I skipped class yesterday and Thursday! Ah I'm the worst but benefits of college I guess. Absence school was the worst.

Kelli Gilbert said...

sick days are secretly the best, aren't they!? and sometimes the soul needs it more than the body! haha! you are too cute!