This week at school and work has been a little bit crazy, and I haven't even had things to photograph (which means a whole lot of madness.) I have this post mustering up in my drafts folder full of throwback pictures that I'm so excited to share, but until then, here are things I'm loving this week.

Tiny Worlds from Rushes on Vimeo.
+Just everything about this, and Vimeo in general.

+Logan Lights, but really my complete internet girl crush Hunter Kofford. She's 100% adorable, and uber talented.

+Bold Brows, Lily Collins, Portraits

+I love fashion and style in general but I've been obsessed with Men's Fashion for a few years now. There's something hmmm sexy about it and I could shop suits all day. 

+Text messages with meaning

+White, mixing patterns/prints

I hope your Friday is full of goodness.



Eliza said...

If we had the choice to be reincarnated, I would be reincarnated as Lily Collins. She's my everything hahaha.

Emily Cooper said...

Lily Collins is a beautiful woman. Although at times her brows bother me. I can't remember what movie, but it was like a magical movie and her eyebrows were shiz cray.

Um. Thanks for Hunter's blog. Dying. I want her photograph at all times.


Emily Cooper said...

leaving another comment because i realized that when i reply to comments it doesn't notify the person haah. but yes please. idk when it opens, but hopefully soon!

shayla. said...

yesss lily collins is the best :) cute blog you have here!