I'm starting a new adventure here, like starting a new journal, (which I just recently did) and I'm really excited about it. My life is more different now than I ever imagined it would be, but it's beautiful nonetheless. That's why I'm here--to remember and to share because I enjoy it and why not do something you enjoy?

I was hesitant for a while because there's something a little bit nerve wracking about it, and some commitment in starting a new blog while honoring my goal of actually writing and putting photos here. I'm hoping I get back into the writing groove that I was in when I was a freshman/sophomore in high school (read it) and wrote all the words in my busy mind. We're moving forward here.

So here's pieces of me in fragments and fake metaphors: I'm younger than ever, but I pretend I'm mature and grown up. I eat some form of pancake at least twice a week, so if you're ever craving some, come over and we'll make a mess of my kitchen (something I'm extremely good at). I adore baking/cooking at all hours of the day and night, a new found hobby. I haven't always been good at playing, but I'm getting better at it by the minute. My skin smells of chlorine year round, but you'll get used to it. Pretty things keep my heart strong, new lipstick is a common form of therapy, and I'm completely emotionally driven. Photos and music are my favorite kind of art, but clothing is in a close running. I'm terrified of birds, and my dreams are bigger than my hands can hold. I have a thing for full brows and boys that eat. My closest people live all over the world and I think that's pretty cool. I'll listen to you for days, so lets go drive and get lost. I believe God to be my father and Christ to be my Savior and Redeemer.

I can promise you mediocre poetry, excitement over little things, and a whole lot of feelings. Come snuggle with me while we watch Friends or Parenthood and I will have a place in my heart for you forever.



Emily Cooper said...

I watch Friends but not Parenthood. Is it good? I will have to start watching it! I like cooking as of late as well. Have you tried scrambled egg with avocado on toast? BEST BREAKFAST EVER. I'm obsessing. Literally. Obsessing. Also there are tons of other delicious recipes I have discovered. I'm glad you like cooking and baking because I feel like no one else shares my love for it, so yay.
Also can I have your hair thanks.


bianca s said...

I just fell for Parenthood! To be honest, I started watching it due to Gilmore Girls and indeed, Lauren Graham, because I was afraid of finishing the series and missing it too much. Fortunately, even though it wasn't identical, it became addicted to the family adventures and overall atmosphere:)


Katherine Cotton said...

"My dreams are bigger than my hands can hold." I love that! Keep it up, beautiful lady!