October is a good month for me. Two years ago big things happened in October. Taylor's RED album came out, senior year goodness began, a good relationship ended, and one of my favorite people moved temporarily to Montanna. Now, two years later, Taylor's 1989 album will be coming out, that Montanna boy will be coming home, and new a new relationship(s) is(are) budding. So, because of all these happenings in Octobers (not to mention the weather is perfect and everyone seems to love this month) I get emotional throughout the month. It's the good kind of emotional (most days) and I just bask in the feelings that this month brings and the music that comes along side it. And to add to all of that I've spent the last two days cleaning out the folders and hard drive of my families computer and found a million and a half gems. Half of those being photos from junior high which should never be shown here, but may be due to all the laughter it brought me. Nostalgia is real, people.

On another note, isn't my brother the cutest? We've been trying to do things throughout the week that we don't normally do--while the weather is still nice--that involves engaging our minds, bodies, and spirits (well, I'm sure he doesn't realize that I'm making that a priority, he just joins in on the fun), so we drove a few cities over to this park with a giant climbing pyramid (hence all the black rope) that had to have been 40 feet tall. I'll be honest, I was hesitant to get up there, but O just took my hand and told me I could do it, so I did. I'm so glad that I did because we spent almost two hours climbing and chatting. I felt really appreciative of a ten year old mind and the gorgeous sky. It was one of those days where you just fall asleep thinking, "today was just so good"

Lastly, I got a new job that's challenging me, is perfect for me, and just a whole bunch of blessings rolled into one, but I'm nervous because I'm supposed to assist with real life surgeries (the job is a surgeon's assistant) but my contacts ripped and I'm not allowed to wear my glasses, so pray for me that it somehow works out and I don't screw up my first time assisting.




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Mila said...

Good luck with your job! You will do great!

I've always loved this time of year as well. Everything just gets kind of romantic and life slows down a bit.
All of my favorite things happen in November, however, so I'm ready for November to start!!