There's places that just make you feel good. Just like there are fixes for tired days. My number one place is the temple. My number two place is outside. Specifically this little park near my home where there's a hidden away little corner that feels like you're in some sort of lost boys land on one side and then the other is a giant field where wild horses once roamed I think. 

Every day for a week now I've woken up and said to myself, I'm going to blog today. Because, in the back of my little brain I know how therapeutic and even enjoyable it is for me. But, I've been having a very new sort of anxiety going on where I get butterflies and nervousness and constant though minimal fear of leaving my home and doing something that puts me out of a comfort zone. Now, I think that's generally what people call anxiety, but I've never experienced it in that sort of way before. I'm a worrier, and and a kind of stress case, but not typically anxious like. It's a new experience. 

So, I've had to push myself through tasks and to get out of my house and I found walks, parks, outdoors and things are so, so lovely. It's something I can completely control, but is still outside of my comfortable little abode. I hope this little week of anxiousness is just that--a little week. And thanks for letting me get on about it. 

Also, for you conference listeners out there, isn't it just a lovely time of year. It's so snuggly and uplifting and generally nice. 

I've been feeling quite grateful this week. A grateful heart is a big heart. I just have such a crazy little life and I'm so proud of myself for being the person I am on the inside lately even when the only people around me are my beautiful mess of a family. I'm also very grateful for them, the lovely weather, and all the little things.

I used to be a writer who wrote poetry and vauge artistic words, but today I'm just honest and my thoughts flow out like the kitchen tap. I don't think I'm done writing artfully, but bold journal-like honesty is working better for now. 

My heart is full today. And for you that may be reading this at some point remember that it's okay to be you. You be you. I'll be me. Also, thank you for reading this little snippet because even though I write for me, sometimes I write for you because it feels like I'm having a good hot coco and chat with you (whoever you may be).

Ta, ta,

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Katherine Cotton said...

I don't like hot chocolate, but I love reading your posts. You seem to have a great outlook on everything that is going on around you, but nonetheless, I will keep you in my prayers. Keep blogging, girl.