My brother would be so upset if he knew I put these up.


I have so many thoughts in my head that I have a physical headache. I'm sure the thoughts aren't the cause, but I'd rather blame it on that than my lack of vision that's causing it. So, here I am spitting out thoughts through my fingers.

One of my very favorite people comes home from his mission in 2 minutes (12 days) and instead of writing this blog post I wrote him an email full of contradictions which got me thinking about well, everything. How I can doubt myself and be pleased at the same time. To believe and question at the same time. You know, just general contradictions and also how fast two years can go by. Not even in the relation of missions, but just two years of life, and two years turns into four which turns into eight and then twenty and so on and so fourth. Life is extremely loud (wow, I meant to write short, but Adam Levine said "loud" on the television so clearly he has influence. Also, multitasking isn't my strongest suit.) Life is extremely short. Does that make anyone else a little panicky? Or is that just me? The funny thing about this whole life is short concept is that I'm so impatient. I have this thing that I want to change and it's going to take a lot of work, months of work, and I want it to happen now. But I don't want it to be January yet, you know? Does that even make sense? I'm sure those months will be gone before I want them to, anyway, so I just have to put in the work.

I contradict myself because life is too short to always be stubborn and sometimes contradictions are like admitting you might be wrong.

Here I am being sentimental about the last two years-feeling hurt and frustration while extremely overjoyed is there, too.

Let's just leave with, "The mountains are really pretty."

Xo, Mo.


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