It's funny the amount of time we spend trying to become the wrong kind of perfect. I've mastered it, actually. Sure, sure, there are days when I open my eyes and perfect the right things, but I've been catching myself attempting the wrong kind of perfection lately. The kind of perfect for social media, or perfect for that one boy, or perfect for a friend that is just going to let you down in the end. Should I just jump the gun and call it seeking worldly perfection? You know, all that over used "the media is so awful to women" thing? Well, yeah, it is, but aren't we letting it be that way? We have so much power and influence over the things people see these days why aren't we changing it from this absurd view of perfection to the real kind of perfection we should be seeking? Like being a good sister, or loving with our whole hearts, or being slower to judge? Those are pieces of perfection that I want.

The funny thing here is, we're never actually going to reach any sort of perfection, but I love this innate idea or more, this innate desire to achieve it. If I didn't have this need to be some sort of good, better, best kind of person, I'd really only be okay. And here's my point in all this: We don't need to be perfect, we aren't ever going to be perfect, but striving to be (the right kind) will only bring us up. Am I wrong? 

Sometimes we fall down, and we scrape our knees a little bit, or pull our muscles or let our hearts break. And that's all valid. Yes, feeling things and seeking for perfection and breaking is all valid. Validate your own feelings people.
We then have to find the right person, people, event, coping method to fix us when we are these beautiful messes. (I'm obsessed with you if you're messy and okay with who you are.) And finding that "thing" to fix you is one of the hardest tasks out there. But all I have to say is turn to God, and he'll give you those things, on a platter. Sometimes a gold one, sometimes a rusted one, but a platter none the less. 

If you're striving for perfection, strive for Christ. If you're sick and broken turn it over to God. He is the only person that can truly heal your heart. He may do it through other people, or through comfort on a date by yourself. (Holla.) But all in all, if you turn it over to Him, however you may personally do that, He'll show up, grab your hand and say, "Let's go." 

My life is messy sometimes. I make it that way, but tonight it was assured to me that He is listening. He is cleaning. He is refining. Even, even if you made the mess. Even if you think you're far gone. Take one little baby step toward Him. Sometimes it takes two, or maybe even a leap. But if you do so, you're gold. And after that step, those steps, or that leap, you're going to have to use that fuel you receive and keep chugging, keep leaping. And I'll tell you, it gets tiring, but let's run together, okay? 

Hold on to the great, don't look back, turn around and start doing good, cry, validate yourself, strive for the right kind of perfection, be broken and be fixed. 

Call me. Anytime. 


Katherine Cotton said...

Wow, your words always touch me so deeply! I really appreciate this post, and I completely agree with what you said. He is always there helping, even when we are the ones at fault, which is basically all the time. How wonderful it is that we have such a forgiving and loving Heavenly Father. I know I would be lost without Him. Keep up the good work, Mo!

That One Redhead said...

I really, really needed this tonight.

Thank you.