*this whole no computer thing is causing my pictures/layout to suffer. Forgive me. 

I've spend the past seven days lying down, interneting, (yep. Just made up a verb.) and a lot of thinking.  Surgery happened, I'm not just 100% lazy. Which is causing me to not form a proper post, but a list:

+YouTube is an addiction. That I have over fed 3 times this week. 4 straight hours of ShayTard videos later...I've not subscribed to their podcast channel, which leads me to the next bullet.
+Podcasts, I thought, were for old people. Which might still be the case, but I actually love them and frequent the podcast app on my iPhone. 
+Surgery plus cold plus Mother Nature all at once is hell. 
+Let's pull out some positives: finished the last 4 seasons of Friends, found out I have people that love me more than I thought or even deserve, got to spend hours with my mother also slept next to her and she's wonderful, Ben and Jerry's is stocked in my freezer. 
+Gel ice packs are my favorite times a million. 
+Everyone can either stop getting married, or those three other couples can just get engaged so I can start some wedding planning. 
+God blessed me even when undeserving. 
+I actually miss work, who knew
+Crushes on boys that are really busy are hard. 
+Marley, you can just live closer to me now. 
+Liza, you're absolutely, impossibly wonderful 
+Emily Cooper, oh my goodness I'm speechless. You're perfect. 
+my thoughts have now turned to the fact that I have 60 mins of ShayTards to update myself on.