I called my best friend who lives all the way in NYC today because absolutely no one can fix me like she can. She just pieces everything together and makes me feel safe to just say all the words I need to and to even cry and laugh so loud in her ear. She opens my eyes a million miles wide to things I really need to see.She doesn't care if she feels how I feel because she loves me and knows that whatever I feel is real for me and even though I may not need validation she validates it and is all sorts of good. Only three more weeks until I get to see her in the flesh. I don't know if she even reads this, but if you do, my dear. I love you to the moon. Thank you.

As we were talking we said a lot of things like, "I never thought this would happen," or "I didn't think it'd turn out that way." Then, when I came home I saw a link party with this "I never thought I'd..." theme and I just had to jump on that train because it fit today so well.

I never thought I'd:

+be living at home while going to school
+fall in love with art, theatre and dance
+fall in love already
+miss people that I miss so much
+get a "B" and be okay with it
+be confident enough to put pictures of myself somewhere people could see
+watch my family struggle
+stay in touch with T; let alone become best friends
+care so much about everything
+get heartbroken
+stay in Utah for school/feel so undecided about where I want to go to school
+actually survive 10 days (and counting) without sugar
+stop playing piano
+still be teaching swim lessons
+have 2 callings, a job, and finals week and be overly grateful that they're all happening at once
+run a red light today (total accident which is almost worse than on purpose)
+ride trains and busses on the daily
+absolutely love to cook
+research random things/watch educational lectures for utter enjoyment
+own a windows based computer
+be exactly where I am emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually today.



Emily Cooper said...

Yeah life is crazy! I would have never guessed id be where I am today!

Jay T said...

Friends like that are amazing. I'm glad she is there for you!! Thank you for linking up! I also stopped playing the piano... I stopped after high school and I really miss it.

Shane Prather said...

Oh my I freaked at my first B in college after being a straight A student all through high school. Now I crave those A's...