April is almost half over, which is completely bizarre to me, and I can't believe how fast things have flown by. Summer is fast approaching, and I have some really exciting things in store, but making it through April might be a task. So, to conquer the tasks rest of April has in store (and the latter half of April as a whole) I've set some goals.

+Go to class. In high school when summer fast approached teachers kept you engaged by  filling lots of time with projects, or just changed up the schedule a little bit to make it more interesting.  (even with the interesting I skipped more often than I want to admit come sunshine) Plus, there were a million little things like the April show, dances, and end of year activities galore. But being a big girl in college requires just a lot of tests, papers and projects, forcing me to make my own time interesting. And as much as I may not want to, I have to make sure I go to class. It's only like nine more times. I can do that easy.

+Put forth effort in class. I started off the semester really great, but things went downhill. It was this "easier" than my last semester, but in reality, it was just different, and I didn't adjust as well. BUT one thing I love sticking by is it's never too late. Sure, sometimes it's realistically too late, but you'll learn something if you try anyway. 

+Finish the Book of Mormon. Never done it before. Wish me luck.

+Improve my relationship with food. This is another story for another day, but for now Eliza and I are working together at being healthy for the rest of April. (We started Sunday.) I have ten "rules." Should I share 'em?


+Be conscious about the money I spend. When I was living in SLC I didn't have a job, and for the first month or so back home too. Therefore my income was a zero, (which was fine. go meal plans.) but the second I got a paycheck/actual real money in my account I got a little bit careless. We're flipping that around. 

+Smile at strangers. I'm a *headphones in walk to class and make no eye contact* kind of human on campus and the train. 


Okay, if you've read this far claps for you. And as a reward, here's my favorite breakfast recipe as of late.

Overnight Oats:

In a mason jar combine: 

2/3 cup almond milk
1/2 cup vanilla greek yogurt (or plain if you have those kind of taste buds.)
1/2 cup old fashioned oats
cinnamon to your taste (or if you're a PB fanatic like I am PB2)

I literally throw everything in, screw the lid on, shake and stick it in my fridge till morning. It's totally filling, easy to grab in the morning, plus it has a lid. I put bananas on mine this week, but feel free to top with any cereal toppings your heart desires. 



Grown Folks said...

I know! I feel like April is just slipping by. But I can't wait for the summer to begin. Also, thanks for the recipe, it looks awesome!

laura elizabeth said...

I love you very much.